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Who threw away this poor child?

Who threw away this poor child?

I knew the RPC very well. He was a no nonsense fellow who called members of the press only when he had a powerful story to tell. I pressed a button on the phone and greeted the top cop in the region. Invariably, Kimbo went straight to the point, hitting the nail on the head. “A good Samaritan has rescued a day-old infant in a plastic bottle. She picked up the bottled kid in the middle of the highway near Ochuna this morning.

Come and see it. Kimbo went on to say that the kid looked frail it was in sound health. He exuded plenty of authority when he said his boys were busy combing the municipality for its cruel mother. I tucked a reporter’s notebook in my hip pocket and rushed to the RPC’s office half-running half-walking. Indeed, the Good Samaritan, Paulina, had rescued the day-old boy from being ground to pulp by heavy duty vehicles.

The kid was busy sucking its thumb oblivious of the goings-on and of what could have happened to him at dawn. A hush fell as the three of us watched the newborn which was now laid on a towel on Kimbo’s executive table. Gnashing his teeth in anger
Kimbo explained that an unknown mother had stuffed the newborn in the plastic bottle at dawn and placed the bottle in the middle of the busy highway that lead to Kowak.

The highway is patronized by heavy-duty trucks. “Her intention was to have the unfortunate child crushed possibly by 18-wheel heavy-duty trucks,” Kimbo said tipping up his cop-hat. “But as fate would have it, this Good Samaritan spotted the bottle just before the first truck arrived on the scene.” “This heartless mother will face hell when we catch her,” he said, breathing fire. “Anyone who has his or her heart close to children would have been astounded.

Some of the atrocious crimes committed against infants by their own mothers are diabolical. “Cruel mothers should thank their stars I am not a High Court judge. I would have convicted most of them and condemned them to be hanged until they are clinically pronounced dead,” Kimbo said frothing at the mouth. “How on earth can anyone in their right senses dump a hapless newborn in the middle of a busy road with complete abandon?

Baby dumping is heinous, to say the least! Mothers who dump their newborns commit the crime in callous wickedness,” Kimbo groaned. “Baby dumping is a nefarious crime that is committed with stonehard insensitivity. It is, for all I know, a dastardly act. Infanticide (baby killing) is a crime that is punishable by law. It is murder in cold blood,” he said leering into the distance. Paulina shifted in her seat, nettled by compassion.

“This can only happen in a rabid world where scarlet women have no qualms about infanticide. In Kuruya, the babydumping scenario can be used to gauge the level to which our humanity has sunk. “Our humanity appears to have diminished to such monstrous forms that it no longer carries with it that ring of criminal enormity which will still haunt what remains of the moral world for millennia to come,” Kimbo lamented.

At this juncture Paulina stood up. She said she wished to leave but her voice didn’t reach Kimbo’s ears. “Wait until our departed ancestors get to hear about this babydumping scenario. They will turn in their graves in disgust,” Kimbo growled. “If wild animals protect their young why should humans discard theirs with impunity? Are wild animals more intelligent than some of our women?

Do you know what would happen to you if a lioness caught you molesting its cubs?” he queried looking at me. I remained silent. “Imagine a poor baby -- an innocent newborn whose mother, devoid of all celebrated maternal instincts God reserves for mothers, succumbs to the horrors of such heartless and morbid cruelties,” Kimbo ranted on looking through the window.

“The normal world has never allowed these dastardly acts to happen and multiply in their brazen nefariousness. Could this be a fulfillment of a religious prophecy that the world will change to such an extent that mothers will cast their children to the cruel wind? “Well, may be. After all some of them now feed their young to housecats, dogs and birds.

Women who throw away their newborns lack all the good senses of a kind heart and the normal faculties of what makes a normal mind. “A normal human being in the moral sense must possess all the characteristic feelings of regret, remorse, fear, anxiety, guilt and righteous indignation. Women are supposed to be custodians of the human race not the pathological destroyers of it. “They should work in tandem with nature to preserve the human heritage.

Those women who commit baby atrocities are not women in the real sense of womanhood. Some of them frequent places of worship in a bid to pave their way into the Kingdom of Heaven. “I don’t understand. These cruel women are akin to accursed cannibalistic animals walking on two legs and carrying the human physiology but have little to show for it in their hearts. Baby atrocity is a felonious crime that smells to High Heaven!

“It is a crime that makes us realize that human compassion and sanity have departed our souls. It serves to confirm this atrocious departure from compassion to callous hate for humanity; sanity to rabid insanity and sensitivity to cold, hard indifference to pain! “Are baby-dumping women worthy of being called God’s loftiest creatures when they could stoop so low as to court, play and act the devil?” Kimbo queried panting with fatigue. Paulina was still standing, mystified by the RPCs’ harsh utterances.

When Kimbo calmed down I produced my notebook and jotted down the most critical details of the story. The RPC said his boys would leave no stone unturned in their search of the infant’s cruel mother. Paulina was asked to sit down and make a statement as I left.


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