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Wearing white, and proud of it

Some years back, the bridegroom, though it was not a law, was always appearing in a black suit. Today a person who was a good attendant at wedding parties in those days would have been left speechless.Nowadays, in many wedding parties if not all, bridegrooms appear in a color which is not necessarily black, majority now appear in white.

Besides observation, The Star had an interview with various stakeholders in wedding, fashion and designing issues, among other reasons, it has been established that white color shows both physical and spiritual cleanliness.One of the salesperson with Mariedo boutique, Mr Rodgers Samatta confirms that it is true that white suits have dominated, especially in many functions including weddings and sendoff parties.

He says that white suits’ sales in the boutique have tremendously increased compared to some previous years and even prices differ, this becomes a clear manifestation that white suits have taken the pace.“Many people who come to shop here mostly select white suits, this previously created scarcity in our boutique because we were importing black in large number while neglecting white,” he says, adding that even the prices for white suits has gone up, amounting to 800,000/- while black fetches just about 500,000/-.

Mr Samatta adds; “As you can just imagine from what am trying to tell, these black suits are no longer a deal to us first off all, their customers are limited and even their prices are becoming lower and insignificant compared to white,”He went further and clarifies that many Tanzanians are typical black thus wearing black would not have a good-look so many people decide on white.

One of the tailors based in Mikocheni Dar es Salaam, Mr Rashid Mohamed says that he has been in the field for about nine years and most of his customers were ordering black suits but to his astonishment, the trend has changed as he has only been receiving orders for white suits.“From 2010 to date, all people who come to order are just telling me that they want white color though it is very tricky to know why the behavior suddenly changed,” he says, adding that even in wedding parties he recently attended, grooms appeared in white suits.

Mr Mohamed notes that the change has been pushed up by imitation from western countries having in mind that now the world has become just like a small village where people are interconnected.“These white suits were at first won by Europeans, Tanzanians have just imitated as you know whites are believed to be perfect in everything, what’s more as per my view, many people who have white color jobs wear black suit when they go to their workplaces so they are forced to opt for other colors when they go for other functions,’” he explains.

Ms Francisca Shirima, a lady working in designing industry based in Mwenge Dar es Salaam, says that in fashion and designing there is ‘fashion trend’ which forces dressing color to changes according to time .She says that bright color is good especially when mixed up with grey, purple, green apple and other dark colors which make it more attractive and glittery.“White color besides making someone appears stylish, it also shows decency and that whoever puts it on demonstrate that he is new and ready to take up a new life,” Ms Fransica narrates.

Mr Seif Mwanyemba, a man who married recently says that an idea of appearing in white in his wedding party came to his mind when he was watching one of the news magazines from Italy confirming that he was touched with how decent they were looking.“When I saw how the guys in that magazine were appealing, just two years before my marriage I promised that in my wedding I must wear the same though I am a kind of white in skin colour but this was not a big deal,” he concludes

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