Water project to benefit Geita village

The company recently donated 25m/- for the drilling of three water boreholes, to be carried out by the Dydrotech Development Agencies Community Company, which won the tender for the job.Briefing TBL Director for Corporate Affairs, Mr Stephen Kilindo and the Geita District Commissioner, Mr Manzie Mangochie on the project, the representative of the company Mr Enock Kangasa revealed that all is set for the project to kick off.  

He said his company was working round the clock to ensure that the project is completed as soon as possible, to reduce the acute shortage of water facing inhabitants of the village.Speaking during the tour, Mr Kilindo said TBL gave out the boost after realizing the magnitude of water scarcity facing Geita community.

"TBL has a well-structured plan of giving back to the community part of the profits it gets from its operations, as a way of supporting the government and other development partners to improve social services in the country and uplift the living standards of beneficiaries," he said.

The Geita District Commissioner, Manzie Mangochie, urged the contractor to speed up implementation of the project and collaborate with the District Water Engineer to fulfill expectations of beneficiaries.

Mkolani villagers who spoke to this newspaper, thanked TBL for the assistance and said the assistance will relieve them from travelling long distances to fetch water, which has been causing conflicts in families while at the same time  hindering development.

"We often wake up early sometimes before dawn and even at midnight and walk for more than two kilometres in search of water. This has been causing serious conflicts in our homes as some women are often beaten by their husbands, a move that threatens families at the same time fuelling divorce. "We believe that after this water project is completed most of our problems will be solved, "said Paul Salome, a villager.

THE Bank of Tanzania (BoT) ...

Author: a Correspondent in Geita

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