War on cyber crime needs new impetus

War on cyber crime needs new impetus

Dr Feleshi said criminals located several kilometres away from Dar es Salaam are colluding with bankers and other people in Tanzania to steal billions of shillings from public and private institutions as well as individuals.

DPP Feleshi admitted that cases involving cyber crime are highly complicated in investigation, prosecution and adjudication. This is because thieves do not come to the banks or any other institutions in person but could be seated far away from their victims and cause huge losses through the Internet.

It is encouraging to learn that the government is now aggressively conducting training for various stakeholders in the fight against cyber crime. It is our hope that such courses will be offered to as many police officers and other stakeholders as possible.

Despite the fact that Tanzania is not ranked among countries that are implicated in global online crime perpetrating nations, but this must give the government enough reason for concern. It is for this reason the government should unleash all the machinery at its disposal to ensure that the activities of these faceless criminals are brought under control. 

Various experts say cyber threats are increasing at an alarming rate every year whereby the ability of organisations and individuals to defend themselves against these threats is becoming even more difficult. One objective of the training is to enhance knowledge of cyber security in the ever growing digitized world, develop effective strategies to improve the national security.

In this digitized world the nation cannot afford to have police officers, lawyers and judges who are illiterate in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The training has, therefore, come at the right time. 

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