‘Volleyball development needs total commitment’

Halifa Mfanga, who is the Chairman of Manyara Volleyball Association (MAVA)'s interim leadership, said the existing regional volleyball associations should duly involve experienced players in promotion of the sport in their respective regions because the latter play crucial role in the sport's development. 

"Every person that is currently playing part in volleyball revival is, definitely, aware of the importance of the sport's presence and must have the knowledge of the game," he said. He said regions that have shown promising progress in volleyball revival should be given opportunity to host some of major domestic competitions with a view to inspiring the respective regional volleyball associations to work harder.

"Tanzania Amateur Volleyball Association (TAVA) should give active regions opportunity to host some of major domestic tournaments...this move will indeed serve as inspiration to volleyball stakeholders in particular regions to put more effort in the sport's promotion," said Mfanga.

He requested TAVA to visit different regions as often as possible and see the progress that the regions' volleyball bodies have made in promotion of the sport, apart from suggesting better ways to develop the sport in the particular regions. "Efforts must be done to conduct volleyball training courses for primary and secondary schools' teachers across the country... teachers are closer to youths, thus, if we equip the former with proper volleyball training skills, they will surely play greater role in the sport's development in the country through grooming of talents," added Mfanga.   

Honorati Mayunga, a volleyball stakeholder from Mwanza, requested all active regions in volleyball promotions should establish competitions at their respective backyards prior to joining hands and form a national league, saying such a move stands to greatly develop the sport considering that a high level of competitiveness will be realized from the regional competitions to the national league.  

Volleyball enjoyed plenty of support among domestic sports stakeholders particularly in the 1980s and 1990s but the sport's prominence waned in the early 2000s partly due to dwindling financial support.

Bonite Cup, arguably the most prestigious club tournament involving major domestic outfits and others from the neighbouring East African countries, played key part in promotion of the sport but the tournament's demise almost a decade ago signalled the downfall of the sport.

Domestic volleyball lovers, nevertheless, have of late been joining forces and doing everything to revive and develop the sport, with a series of bonanzas taking place regularly in regions that have so far been active in promoting the sport.

The National Volleyball Club Championship remains the high profile domestic competitions organized by TAVA annually, a situation that calls for concerted efforts towards attracting sponsors, who could financially support TAVA in hosting more domestic events.     

SIMBA SC players will continue with individual training ...


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