TTCL to lease bandwidth circuit to Uganda

TTCL to lease bandwidth circuit to Uganda

The move will benefit internet users and act as a safeguard against dependence on a single cable as well as riding internet speed, access and reliability.

Responding to a question from the ‘Daily News’, the TTCL Commercial Executive, Mr Nicodemus Mngulu, said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the country’s construction of alternative sea cable would depend on how much bandwidth Uganda would  be passing through the circuit.

“They would be leasing the circuits to transfer their internet contents from Dar es Salaam to Mtukula border to their country,” he said. According to Uganda’s National Information Technology Authority, construction of the alternative cable through Tanzania will start in November with funding from the government and other financiers.

The move will help in widening the broadband internet transmission throughout the country and ensure internet reliability.  According to the global broadband targets, internet user penetration should clock the 60 per cent mark worldwide in 2015, with at least 50 per cent in developing countries and 15 per cent for Least Developed Countries.

In Uganda, internet usage has continued to grow, exceeding the five million mark early this year. However, authorities say even with the growth, cases of unreliability continue due to failures on the main cable.
Severally, the cable has had damages, leaving users on the mercy of the expensive and unreliable satellite connections.

Tanzania’s NICTBB has reached all border points of the country and TTCL has already illustrated its capability by getting the 6.7 million US dollars (about 10.7bn/-) contract to supply 1.244 gigabytes of internet bandwidth to Rwanda for 10 years.

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