TSA picks team for 2012 CANA Games


A statement released by TSA Technical Director Marcelino Ngalioma said the swimmers were picked after excelling in a special tournament (gala) held last Saturday at Heaven of Peace Academy (HOPAC) swimming pool in Dar es Salaam.

Galioma said the swimmers have been grouped in five different age categories, insisting that the selection was based on merit. "We are puting emphasis on equal opportunity and the swimmers have been selected on merit," He said.

He added that the team has a national outlook because they have also called Alizee Bollen and Anna Phytila both from Mwanza, Omary Abdalla from Zanzibar while Emmanuel Nnunduma and Aliasgar Karimjee are from Morogoro.
The rest, he said, train in Dar es Salaam but they go in different clubs. He named those picked in the Under 12 category girls' as Sonia Tomiotto, Denym Stengel, Talin Stengel, Agnes Kimimba and Sakura Ito. Boys in this category include Mubanga Peeperkorn, Emmanuel Nnunduma, Aman tanna and Shammrad Magesvaran.
The Under 13-14 category girls' has Danielle Awori, Anne Monret, Alizee Bollen, Anna Phytila, while boys in the category are Iyas shivji, Aliasgar Karimjee, Patrick Kimimba, Amaar Ghadiyali.

Gouri Kotecha is the only girl who was picked in the Under-15-16 age category, while there are no boys in this category. Female from 17-29 category are Mariam Foum and Alexandra Belton, while male category under this age group has Hilal Hilal, Adam David, Niko Kaihua, Michael Datianus Mathias and Omari Abdalla.
Galioma said Tami Triller has been picked in the 30 & Over (Masters) women category, while Luca Luca, Mophat Osward and Said Seba were picked in men's category.  Countries in zone 3 are Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Those in zone 4 are Angola, Comoros, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. India will compete as an invited team.

The Mozambique Games will provide a perfect opportunity for Tanzania swimmers to fight for 2012 London Olympic Games qualifying marks. The CANA Games were initially planned to take place in January but were postponed to April.
Last year TSA failed to send the team for CANA Zone 3 & 4 tournament which was held in Botswana due to lack of funds.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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