Tougher task ahead awaits new EALA members

Tougher task ahead awaits new EALA members

First of all, it was not an easy task to sail through such ‘deep waters’ given the number of candidates who took the plunge, some of whom possess the highest academic qualifications in the land and boast of impressive CVs. As is normal in any democratic election, there must be winners and losers. And by extension, there is also bound to be jubilation on the part of the winners and their supporters; and dissatisfaction or heartbreak on the part of the losers and their supporters.

Now, campaigning and winning elections is one thing and actual representation in the august East African House is another. After the election battle dust has settled down, what follows next is the real thing -- doing the job itself. It is now up to the elected candidates to prove that they are good at representing their country as they have been in campaigning.   

EALA duties and responsibilities include liaising with the National Assemblies of partner states on matters relating to the Community as well as debating and approving the Community's budget.In their sittings, members discuss matters pertaining to the Community and make recommendations as it may deem necessary for the implementation of the Treaty.

The other four countries will also hold elections in their respective assemblies to get their representatives in the regional legislature, which means that we should expect more competent and highly-qualified persons to join the assembly.EAC has still got a long way to forge closer and stronger cooperation among the member states despite the outstanding achievements already registered.

East Africans have high hopes in the EAC; they want a reinvigorated regional cooperation scene, which includes a boost in infrastructural services i.e. better transport and telecommunication networks, improved agriculture and better utilisation of resources.The new EALA should take up from where the previous one left off and strive to do even better. In this they have the blessings of the people of East Africa.

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