Time to flush out hoodlums from neighbourhoods

Time to flush out hoodlums from neighbourhoods

A report published on Saturday by this paper, shows that a gang of about 20 armed men used crude missiles to break into the house of an employee of the Judiciary in the Labour Court Division Victor Bashaka and took him and his wife hostage in an attempt to get money.

The couple were beaten up and seriously wounded while their children helplessly watched the harrowing scenario which could have as well meant the killing of their parents. In an interview, Bashaka who was lucky to be alive after the attack, said he had raised the alarm, calling friends on his phone and yelling for help but all in vain.

All this time, he could see the armed thugs through the tinted windows of his house,  using crude missiles to dismantle the grill on windows and doors. After gaining access to the house, the gangsters mercilessly descended on the couple, slashing them with machetes and ransacking the house with the aim of grabbing money or valuables.

Unfortunately there was no money and the hooligans only made away with a laptop and three mobile phones, that, after inflicting serious injuries on their victims. In this particular incident, the reaction of the police and local leaders is startling.

Impeccable information gathered by our reporter shows non police response from the nearby police post and the reason given was that there was no firearm nor vehicle to take them to the scene of  robbery. Well, the simple question is; what are these police posts for if they cannot respond to a dire situation like an armed robbery that endangers lives?

Could it be true that those manning the Chamazi police post have been discouraging residents from participating in the community police or even sungusungu? Worse still, the account given by the Street Chairman Hamis Shomvi shows that lately there has been a spate of armed robbery in the area and he, himself has been among the victims.

A gang of youths has unleashed terror on the residents, forcing a family to vacate their house for fear of another assault. A similar incident happened at Kongowe in Kibaha District, Coast Region about a month ago, when a gang of 15 robbers broke into the house of an old businessman at night and killed him while his wife watched in horror.

These are not isolated incidents, going by the way police handled the Chamazi crime, not responding and not conducting a crackdown to nab the suspects. We do not wish to challenge the police operations. Neither are we pointing an accusing finger at some of the police posts, as we know how difficult it may be working without proper tools.

Yet we are not commending them for remaining  indifferent while they were expected to act. Many areas of the country are infested with youth drug addicts and unemployed. Some of them have turned into muggers and we have a recent reported case at Kunduchi in Dar es Saalaam where tourists and fishmonger feel that their safety is not assured.

The crime busters managed to halt bank robberies which   had rocked urban centres, especially Dar es Salaam soon after the fourth phase government came into power.

The force is very well on the alert during major seasonal holidays like Chrismas and Eid. Why can’t it device elaborate techniques that would ensure all corners of the country are safe from criminal gangs?

We need to stick to code of ethics  and conduct for public service

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has expressed concern ...

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