Time the new ‘paratroopers’ really landed

Time the new ‘paratroopers’ really landed

They all vowed to walk their talk and turn into the ‘paratroopers’ most Tanzanians would like them to be, which is very appropriate as some of the ‘paratroopers’ in the previous cabinet simply failed to land!

Tanzanians have high expectations that this time around, the president has appointed men and women of high standards – integrity wise, devotion wise and commitment wise, not forgetting the academic qualification part of it.

As has always been the case, it is easier said than done. However, a glance at the new Cabinet list gives all of us hope that the president must have done his home work right prior to putting ink to paper. This factor alone is enough assurance that we are going to see more positive action this time around.

The new Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs, Dr William Mgimwa, for example, has pledged to pool resources together to tame inflation, which he termed the country’s enemy number one.  Well, said Dr Mgimwa, the ever-soaring prices of life’s basic amenities including food and energy are just too much for Tanzanians, especially those in the low-income brackets, to bear.

As the minister rightly noted, even such basic staples as rice, beans, sugar and maize flour are increasingly becoming unaffordable.  
It is everyone’s hope that Dr Mgimwa and his team in the ministry will leave no stone unturned in the effort to seal all loopholes in the revenue collection machinery and boost investment.

His own words: "We are going to cast the taxman’s net wider’’, were sweet music to many ears, for there is every reason to believe that despite ongoing efforts to ensure compliance, evasion still calls the shots.

Another new Cabinet member, Health Minister Dr Hussein Mwinyi, who is making a comeback to the ministry, pledged to address the nagging issue of the welfare of doctors, which has given rise to strikes on several occasions.

A doctor himself, it is again everyone’s hope that the medics’ grievances will appropriately and promptly be dealt with. Another good thing he has promised is solving the shortage or lack of equipment and basic medicine in public hospitals. Again, let the new Cabinet walk the talk.

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