Time for youth to take on leadership?

Time for youth to take on leadership?

Both seasoned and youth party members who were given a chance to air their views in front of the patron pressed for deliberate inclusion of the youth in the leadership ranks. It was decided that youth leadership would be crosscutting in the sense that party leaders who have held office for a long period of time office would gradually be phased at the same time new talent will be cultivated. “In China for example 30 per cent of candidates elected for party leadership must be the youth.

The process is very important for the smooth succession of leadership. It is important that all social groups are represented by candidates that voters have confidence,” Kinana explained. Youth are equally talented, he added, and should be given a chance to prove their ability. At the same time there is a need to avoid leadership fatigue as some of them have clung on for decades. “It is better for a leader to retire with dignity.

He continued, saying; “The best candidate is the one with a strong backing of the electorate, also committed and ready to serve not individual interests but serve the people and safeguard the interests of the party,” Kinana warned. The regional party leader visited different wards in Ilala, Kinondoni and Temeke districts. But what do members of the public think about this move? Osward Patrick Masuha, a resident of Kawe complained about nepotism. Some candidates are brought in by higher ranking party leaders especially at the district level.

“Some of these dubious candidates are not even party members but through corruption, their particulars like membership cards are back-dated to qualify for the candidature. This is absolutely wrong,” Masuba laments. Estha Luilo of Kijitonyama ward spoke strongly against “camps” created prior to the previous elections causing hostility amongst party members even way after the elections. “These camps are self destructive they are a dividing force. These camps must be disbanded in order to strengthen the party.

We need to stand together unified with a common goal starting with transparent and fair nomination of candidates approved by voters. This will give credit to the party in coming elections,” Estha observed. Another party member, Saidi Nkange said there is a need for a review of voters’ register which he suggested should be prepared anew. “There should be a systematic way of making sure unqualified voters are eliminated from the register,” Nkange said.

Listening attentively to people’s suggestions, Mr Kinana first commended party members for the willingness to talk about hitches and discuss openly the way forward. He asked some of the party leaders who accompanied him to respond to some of the issues brought up during the official tour, also explaining that the purpose of his visit was to listen and share experience with party members in the region and learn more about ongoing efforts to strengthen the party.

Mr Kinana spoke strongly against nepotism and corruption expressing disapproval against nomination and endorsement of candidates suspected of being corrupt. He insisted on a voters’ voice and powers to decide who should be their leader free from any kind of influence.

He announced that during his next tour he would focus on institutes of higher learning to share experiences with students and lay down common strategies for the party’s progress. The CCM regional Chairman, John Guninita asked party members to forget about the past, dissolve camps and move forward, adding that resentment should be avoided to allow progress strength of CCM young pioneers take part in a march past. the party.

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