'Tigo' tightens SIM card swapping

'Tigo' tightens SIM card swapping

With this new system, any SIM Swap requested for lines with Tigo Pesa accounts will only be processed once the actual account holder visits a Tigo Customer Service Centre with proper identification documents and correct information about the account. 

“We are constantly reminding our customers through SMSs, our customer service centres, press statements and flyers posted in Tigo Pesa outlets to take preventive measures to protect their accounts by not revealing their Personal Identification Number (PIN) or any personal information to anyone,” said Mr Diego Gutierrez, the Tigo General Manager in a press statement over the weekend.  He added, “Customers are responsible for the safety and protection of their PIN numbers and personal data.

However, this system will add additional security to the controls that we already have in place. We hope that customers will take responsibility alongside these measures.”  

In most circumstances, fraudulent transactions are committed by people who assume the other person’s identity by gaining information from them knowingly or through trickery and afterwards, requesting a Signal Identification Module (SIM) card swap, giving them access to resources from the Tigo Pesa account and other benefits in that person’s name.  

Tightening the procedure for SIM card swapping, especially for lines with Tigo Pesa accounts, will further secure the process of mobile money transfers. A subsidiary of the Luxembourg based Millicom International Cellular S.A (MIC), Tigo boasts 22 per cent of the telecom market share after industry giant, Vodacom Tanzania, which has 43 per cent and Bharti Airtel (28 per cent) and Zantel (six per cent). The company provides affordable, widely accessible and readily available cellular telephone services to more than 43 million customers in 13 emerging markets in Africa and Latin America. 

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