Those ups and downs of this premier league season!

Those ups and downs of this premier league season!

Their “coronation” has only been delayed through no fault of theirs, but out of a dispute arising from the Mtibwa- Azam match. In that match, Mtibwa walked off the pitch in protest after their opponents were awarded a penalty in the “wrong” minutes of the game. Well, whatever the decision against Mtibwa by TFF, Simba are assured of their title, which is well-deserved.

They occupied the top points’ berth for most of the season while their consistency in winning matches was equalled by none. For this, they deserve congratulations. To crown it all, at some point in the season and away from the local league action, they even managed to perform well in their continental assignment by eliminating ES Setif from Algeria and ensuring their continued stay in the tournament.

Yet it is the action by Mtibwa to walk away from the pitch in protest over the penalty that constituted one of the season’s worst moments. It was an act of un-sportsmanship, which negated the true spirit of competition. Referees are human beings and are bound to make mistakes from time to time but these are too minimal to warrant a match boycott.

Sports fans, or soccer fans, must have seen – on the TV screens that is, what is happening in the European league matches. They must have seen penalties or red cards that seemed very much undeserved. Yet they were given and no team has walked out of the pitch in protest. It is a good culture that is worth emulating.

Our teams should see how it is done in other countries and take the hint. After all there are appropriate avenues to follow in case of any grievances. Another thing TFF should try as much as possible to avoid or discourage is the awarding of points “on the table”. This is not good as points are best won on the pitch.

All in all, though some soccer pundits would claim that this season, at premier league level, has lacked the envisaged lustre, there were still some thrilling moments that made our days. To all the teams that took part, we say congratulations.


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