The weight took a hike

The weight took a hike


I mean I did not start a green leafy diet; neither did I visit the gym. Compliments to an erratic work schedule and penny less situation. 

Over the last four weeks or so, standing in front of the bathroom mirror each morning I gradually realised that I could see the shape of my shoulder blades where they had been hidden by layers of fat. Fascinated I started staring into the mirror harder pinching myself to make sure I was not dreaming.

In the same mirror I noticed with my now very critical eye that I could trace the outline of my collar bone. Interesting I thought to myself, as I knew I was guilty of not getting down to any press ups for ages. I thought maybe the extra walking I was doing was making me look slightly fitter.

The next litmus test was that I found out that when I wore my trousers there was now a gap of a few inches between my tummy and the waistband. Before then there was minus distance and the tummy held up my trousers the whole day. Now I have to keep on hoisting up my trousers as they fall on to my hips that do not lie.

A friend of mine who had not seen me for a couple of months commented on I had lost weight. I sincerely thought he was pulling my leg. Back home I stood on the bathroom scale I had totally ignored for two months (I had got tired of the ‘no change’ in the reading) I let out a scream as I saw I had unknowingly lost almost five kilos. I am sure I smiled endlessly for three days.

Then I thought to myself, with a more determination and a proper game plan I could get trimmer.  I then sat down and thought of the various contributing factors that brought about the weight loss success. Nothing too complicated. First and foremost forced financial discipline, austerity measures, economically challenged or whatever name you want to give the state of being broke was a major factor. On a tight shoe string budget you have little choice on what you will eat and how often you will eat in a day.

Funny enough even the mind had adjusted to the crisis and the stomach was most cooperative I am amazed I did not come down with a major ulcer attack for eating very irregular meals. My busy work schedule helped. Worrying more about beating deadlines as I filled up my allocated pages on a daily basis, I shifted my focus from food to undivided attention to work.

Whoever invented moccasins is one my favourite persons at the moment. Flat with an aerodynamic finish I half bounce half zoom in them and they are comfortable. With the brown pair I have I have covered purposeful mileage in them without feeling the pinch. My half trot has changed from the lazy cat walk I do in stilettos.  Now I seriously need to come up with a strategy to ensure that the kilos lost do not bounce back with revenge.

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Author: Natasha K’okutangilira

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