The same old saying…..mkuki kwa nguruwe!

The same old saying…..mkuki kwa nguruwe!

In this particular case, a house girl was suspected to murder the child of her boss, and as it is normal in cases like this, aliingia mitini. Most of us know that cases of house girls mistreating their charges are becoming normal occurrences, and some of us are asking ourselves very simple questions….. why…..kwa nini!? Na mkiendelea kujiuliza, acha na mimi niulize sawali, hivi all these house girls committing these atrocities, are they from the same mother?

Hapo najua jibu ni gumu, but one thing I have come to realize is that there are some of us out there who are guilty of mistreating their house, girls, and that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! On several occasions I have highlighted the plight of these poor creatures, and I have been hammering this on people’s minds,house girls are also humans, ni watoto wa wanawake kama nyie, so why do you see them as animals?

Kwa kweli kuna watu ambao wanawatesa wasichana wa kazi, they tend to believe that these girls, by all means, do not have feelings like normal people, kwani mliambiwa ni wanyama! Twendeni sawa jamani, there are people out there who really know how to mistreat house girls, yaani watu na roho mbaya balaa, and sorry to say this, but most of the culprits happen to be……… that’s right, women!

Kwa kweli mkinichukia mtajiju, but the truth has to be told, this is bad, veeeeeery bad, and if you know you are one of these people, then for crying out loud, stop! By all means I am not trying to defend evil acts committed by house girls, no, what I am trying to point out here is some of the reasons pushing these girls towards such atrocities, mkinielewa ni poa.

There are house girls receiving holy beatings every day, there are others who are the first ones to wake up and the last ones to go to bed, on an empty stomach,kama nadanganya nipigwe mawe! Yaani kwa kweli inasikitisha…… you find the girl, after toiling from the wee hours of the morning when the woman, or mother house, is still snoring away, still finds time to feed your spoiled brats and take good care of them.

She has to cook your meals, wash your dirty laundry, which in some cases includes those belonging to your spoiled teenagers, clean the house, wash all the utensils, clean the compound, na mwisho wa siku anapokea kipondo, mnakera nyie!! Hivi, do some of you
realize that the house girl is capable of doing anything to you? Kweli kabisa,your lives, in some other words, are in her hands, nani anabisha!?

Na baada ya haya yote,unakuta the man of the house is on a serious campaign to get under her skirts…….msiniangalie hivyo, ni kweli! I have seen a house girl waiting on her bosses as they eat food which she cooked herself, and after they are through, she has to clear the utensils, wash them before eating the leftovers, and after that she has to sleep on the kitchen floor, (and this is a five bed roomed house, with only two rooms in use) na bosi bado linanyata usiku linataka ngono!!

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