The politics of life - and death

The politics of life - and death

Titled ‘Padri akimbia majambazi, aangukia kwa wengine 10!,’ the leading story was about a Roman Catholic Parish chieftain who perforce found himself involved in antics which — weren’t they so sad and tragic — would’ve made excellent comic opera anywhere! More on thatanon…

The other was about a Kenyan who ‘lived’ cannibalism in the US, practising the art and science of eating human flesh in this day and age of high stakes ‘civilisation!’ ‘M-Kenya amla nyama m-Ghana,’ the headline screamed across the page. In Her Britannic Majesty’s language, that says ‘a Kenyan consumes the flesh (NOT ‘meat,’ please!) of a Ghanaian…’

To start with the first story… Reportedly, the chief padre of the St. Martha’s Parish in the Mikocheni area of Dar, Audax Kaasa, jumped out of an upper floor window of his abode in the small hours of May 31… The padre did this to escape armed robbers who’d broken into the house.

In the event, two things happened to Kaasa. One: the man injured his ‘Achilles’ heels on heavily hitting the ground… And, two: he landed slap-bang in the company of ten-or-so armed persons who no doubt were on the same heinous mission! As likely as not, the ‘ground contingent’ was part of the ‘army’ that was already ‘working’ the padre’s rooms, and they took the padre into custody as the robbery was going on upstairs.

What tactical happenstance! According to assorted reports, as the robbers moved in, they disarmed three hired guards in the parish compound, using the gun to accomplish their irreligious mission: stealing Tsh960,000 and four mobile handsets. At the end of the ‘job,’ the robbers thoughtfully propped the gun against the compound wall, and drove away in a car taken from the place — registration T-260-AJK: acronym for ‘Audax J. Kaasa’…?

The car was later found abandoned at Sinza-Kwa- Mtogole, also in Kinondoni Municipality. As it happened, the parishioners got together and contributed enough money to finance the padre’s treatment for the injuries so sustained in Gandhi/Nehru Country on the far side of the vast Indian Ocean. The sums so raised remain a parish secret. But, apparently, the padre couldn’t walk without the aid of crutches; and his condition called for treatment abroad rather than in his home country!

Now, the interesting bits… Reportedly, there were two padres in the house when the robbers struck: Kaasa and the Kibiti Parish assistant padre, James Haule, on a missionary sojourn. Haule kept his cool, didn’t jump out of a window — and wasn’t injured… Not even by the gun-wielding robbers! How does one explain the chemistry (bodily and religious) of these two Men of God in terms of the situation on the ground? I don’t know… But, one (Kaasa) risks life and limb to ‘save’ himself from… from… from what, pray: death? Should a true Man of God fear anything worldly, including death?

Haule took it all in stride, so to speak, sat on his hands, calmly watching the robbers ransack the place as he silently prays to his God for safe deliverance therefrom! Look at it this way… the Biblical admonition is: ‘whoever seeks to keep his life’ll lose it; and whoever loses his life (for God’s sake) shall preserve/find it...’ [Luke 17:33; Mathew 16:25 (KJV)]. Well, Kaasa may not have lost his life in that incident.

But, as a Man of God fully-versed in the ways of Christianity, shouldn’t he’d have religiously stayedput, cognizant he’d go straight to his Maker if he died unshaken in his avowed belief? Should a true Man of God fear death? I ask you! So much, then, for believers, unbelievers — and those in-between transiting this side of Heaven! The cannibal story on the same page is intriguing.

The eater and the eaten are from Africa, while the scenario was Maryland, Obama Country. Reportedly, a Kenyan-turned-American by registration nine years ago, Alexander Kinyua (21), around May 25 this year ‘slaughtered’ his Ghanaian roommate, Agyei-Kodie (37), gobbling up his heart and brain! Kinyua admitted in court doing that, explaining he meant no offence/harm! All he sought was to ‘acquire’ through assimilation Agyei-Kodie’s phenomenal mental agility and good looks.. Sheesh!

Humanity has certainly come far from the days when cannibalism was ‘justified’ (?) by the need to keep body and soul together, not for intellectual or cosmetic reasons… Oh, it’s all the politics of Life and Death, of course. Cheers!


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