The police force need to be extra ‘clean’

The police force need to be extra ‘clean’

Theirs is a noble duty. Our police force has undoubtedly done a very good job right from the word go after taking over from the colonial ‘His Master’s Voice’ outfit (that was designed to serve the interests of a foreign power) at independence in 1961. 

It has evolved from strength to strength into a disciplined force that has provided a good service to all citizens despite working in very difficult conditions. Their success in fighting crime, enforcing law and order and thus registering a decline in crime rate is no small achievement  Of course there are a number of aspects that have helped reduce crime; including community policing that has been accorded a good public response.

A section of the public has been very helpful in volunteering their services, including those who have given transport to help in the security operations.  Such assistance has been a great encouragement. Yet it is a fact that these men and women in uniform have been working in difficult and deplorable conditions as we all know it.

They have been living in sub-standard or run-down quarters that are unfit for human accommodation. At operational level, they have been working in equally run-down office buildings with no decent furniture, not forgetting about lack of transport. There has, however, been the other not-so-good side of the coin in which some members of the force have tarnished its good image by engaging in such malpractices as corruption, torture and framing up of cases against innocent people. 

Addressing senior police officers in Moshi on Tuesday, President Jakaya Kikwete mentioned the two sides of the police coin, the good and the bad. He praised the good side of it and deplored the bad part. It is, therefore, high time the police force took a stock and assessed its operations at all levels, including the discipline part of it, and do a house cleaning act, including weeding out the ‘undesirables’ who would be caught in bad acts.  Otherwise, the bad practices aside, the force is doing a very good job. Keep it up. 

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