The half baked roving clerics on daladalas

The half baked roving clerics on daladalas

It is not every time we want to lend our ears. About two weeks ago climbing on to a ramshackle of a bus there was this man in a kanzu that looked like it had an ongoing embargo with soap and water for the last six months. The once white cap on his unkempt hair was equally in a sorry state. On top of the grubby kanzu he had a green sleeveless jacket that looked like it had been rescued from the jaws of his neighbour’s goat.

And talking about goats his shaggy goatee sort of blended in with his overall look. Standing behind him holding on to the metal rod over my head I noticed he smiled and complimented all the ladies who had covered their heads with scarves while the rest of us who whose heads were not covered were ignored.

All of a sudden hell broke loose when a lady whose shortly cropped hair was not covered sat right next to the gentleman in with the shaggy goatee. Apparently in his humble bid of telling her to she had to don a scarf the lady in question took it very personally. Insults were exchanged back and forth and all the other ladies without scarves on their heads threw in nasty word or two. Now screaming at the top of his voice the shabby man with the goatee claimed that the women without scarves on their heads were doomed to hell.

That only sparked more abuses and the rest of the passengers sat back and enjoyed the free show. Getting off the bus the shabby gentleman continued pouring out damnations while he scurried as quickly as he could to the nearest bajaj. Last weekend I witnessed to different arguments on two different daladalas and both debates were on religion or the lack of it more like it.

In the first instance two middle aged gentleman climbed on to the bus and the one who sounded like he had one too many a drink decided it was the best time to turn into a part time preacher. Unfortunately his colleague not amused by the attention his friend was attracting tried to no avail to get his friend to keep quiet.

Slurring and swaying slightly the just made preacher said what he had to say had to be said and declared loudly he did not understand why his friend was acting the coward. After mumbling a lot of nonsense plus mixing up facts he ended up accusing his friend of being a Free Mason. Luckily for the rest of us the duo did not stay too long on the bus and it was good riddance when they hopped off.

The following day a Sunday, the driver of the daladala got himself embroiled in a debate on religion totally forgetting he was supposed to be driving. Smartly dressed passengers clutching holy books seemed to have found the perfect excuse to let off steam and bring up passionate arguments that held no water. That made me wonder why don’t we have religious services in daladalas the passengers are more proactive and if you can’t stand the heat you just jump off the bus.


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