TFF should specify its committees’ duties

TFF should specify its committees’ duties

Apparently, in the past few months, the TFF committees have been at loggerheads, with some accusing the others of “overstepping” and “trespassing”. Topping the headlines at the moment is the tug of war pitting the TFF Electoral Committee and the body’s Appeal Committee.

TFF Electoral Committee Chairman Deogratius Lyatto recently said the Appeal Committee erred in clearing former Secretary General of the Football Association of Tanzania (FAT now TFF) Michael Wambura of integrity charges. Lyatto ridiculed the decision by the latter to clear Wambura on the grounds that it had no jurisdiction to do so.

He further said that the decisions by the TFF Electoral Committee to ban Wambura are final and conclusive and shall not be monitored by any other body. According to Lyatto, only the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) has the jurisdiction to challenge the decision by the electoral committee against Wambura and he has not hesitated to advise the latter to follow that lead if hes wants to be cleared.

Another struggle between the TFF committees emerged just last week when the Alfred Tibaigana-led Disciplinary and Reconciliation Committee ordered the temporary suspension of punishment meted out to four Yanga players by the TFF’s League Committee for allegedly roughing up referee Israel Nkongo.

Tibaigana suggested that the League Committee had no powers to impose ban on the players. The two scenarios have left many soccer lovers in the country perplexed. They are wondering how a committee could impose punishment when it has no mandate to do so.

They are at a loss to understand as to whether it is true that some committees do not understand what they are supposed to do. Apparently, all these signify an extent of incompetence in leadership. Its time TFF should clarify the jurisdictions of each of its committees. If there is an element of incompetence among respective committee members in regard to interpreting the rules and regulations, the federation should not hesitate to get rid of such members.

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