Tenga: Yanga players must pay fines

The league committee slapped Yanga quintet, Stephano Mwasika, Nadir Haroub, Omega Seme, Nurdin Bakari and Jerry Tegete, with a variety of bans and financial penalties after the player were found guilty of harassing referee Israel Nkongo in their side’s Premier League match against Azam FC on March 10.

Speaking during the TFF Annual General Meeting held over the weekend, Chairman of Yanga Technical Committee, Mohamed Binda, issued an apology for the unruly behaviour shown by the players and appealed to the TFF President, Tenga, to drop the financial penalties meted on two players, who have not yet settled the fines.

Responding to Binda’s plea, Tenga applauded the Yanga official for showing a great courage in issuing the apology before members of the TFF General Assembly but said that he was a worshipper of rules regulations and insisted the players should pay the fines. He argued that the financial penalties were issued out according to Premier League regulations and that there was no way he could overturn the decision.

He even suggested he would have issued out heavy penalties on the players if he himself had been responsible for handling the matter, warning that incidents of attacking referees are not tolerable in a football game. The TFF boss reiterated that he normally does not interfere in decisions agreed and passed by TFF committees as he believes the organs are formed with people who boast of integrity. 

Following the incidents at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam, Mwasika, who was the main culprit after being caught on camera punching on the ref, was banned for the remainder of the season and was slapped with a 2m/- fine, same as Tegete. Meanwhile, Bakari, Seme, Haroub were banned for three matches while fined 1m/- each. 

According to the TFF Information Officer, Boniface Wambura, out of the five players, only two have paid their fines as of yesterday. He named those who have paid as Haroub and Nurdin. “Binda told the assembly that two players have not yet paid their fines, but records show that three players of them, Mwasika, Tegete and Seme are yet to settle their penalties.”

In another development, Tenga told members of the general assembly that TFF’s Disciplinary Code and the formation of the Arbitration Tribunal, which will be supreme organ in handling sports cases, would be completed this year. Meanwhile, the TFF General Assembly has approved a 7,246,628,650/- for 2012.

The federation revealed that they expect to collect 7,572,991,433/- from various sources with 22 per cent of the budget expected to come from gate collections, 74 per cent from sponsorship, while the remaining percentage would be raised through teams’ participation fees for various competitions, as well as funds from international football bodies, FIFA and CAF.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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