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TCA Kigogo cricketers thrash Union Development


Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA) has organised the league in its effort to maintain effective promotion of the sport in the country, as well as using the event to identify players for national junior teams of different age categories. The winners’ batsmen were resolute right from the start of their innings and hardly wasted opportunities to score runs, an approach that eventually paid off.

TCA Kigogo, comprising youngsters that are groomed in the TCA junior development programme, started to bat in the match and recorded 104 runs for the loss of seven wickets in the allotted 20 overs. The desire to post a convincing total was definitely in the minds of the TCA Kigogo youngsters, who were led by Rijali Mulisali and Bernard Akani, and the triple digit total they posted at the end of the innings was a proof to their improved batting performance.

Union Development youngsters, led by Shamil Hameer and Abbas Virjee, battled hard during their bowling spells but efforts to limit TCA Kigogo to a low score ultimately hit snag. In response, Union Development youngsters chased their opponents’ score zealously but the team could only manage 54 runs for the loss of seven wickets in 20 overs.

The fact that Union Development were under pressure to surpass their opponents’ exploits made the former more resolute during the chase but the approach, unexpectedly, made them prone to quick dismissals. Hameer (20 runs off 36 balls) was, in the end, the batsman with the highest number of runs in the innings as his team mates faltered at the hands of gifted TCA Kigogo bowlers.

The defeat is expected to serve as a wake up call to the Union Development youngsters in that they ought to step up their performance if they are to secure promotion to the a higher division. Union Development squad had mixed fortunes in the division during the last season, in which the side started promisingly only to lose steam in the closing stages, leaving other challengers, TCA U-15 and Bhatia United Juniors to excel.

NAMUNGO FC fired warning shots ...


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