TBS move on fuel adulteration long overdue

TBS move on fuel adulteration long overdue

The TBS move came in the wake of reports that some oil marketing companies had unilaterally decided to send abroad samples for testing after a delay by the regulator and the Government Chemist to make public the results.  

TBS had for the past three weeks remained tight-lipped on the complaints by oil marketing companies that petrol imported through the bulk procurement system (BPS) covering the period between January and March this year was of poor quality. 

The companies that lodged the formal complaints include Gapco, Engen, Mogas, Tiper, NATOIL, Hass, Kobil, OilCom and PUMA Energy (formerly BP).  

The oil marketing companies also complain that they are made to pay for a price differential of approximately 700 USD per metric tonne as the price of ethanol is about 30 per cent of pure petrol in the world marketTBS on the other hand, claims that some greedy traders have been capitalizing on some loopholes in the regulations on importation to bring in poor quality products.  

But it’s on record that TBS which is tasked to test all imports before entering the local market had initially cleared the disputed consignment despite complaints by consumers and oil dealers.It should be recalled that importers in the landlocked countries who use the Dar es Salaam port had previously threatened to look for alternative routes as a result of the country’s bad image in the oil sector.

 Now that the problem has been solved and the business relations repaired, all efforts must be done to ensure that the country’s image remains positive at all times.Various studies show that fuel with higher levels of the product can corrode engine parts and the tanks that hold it.

One such research by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management in the US revealed that engines that used ethanol developed mechanical problems.  So, the issue of blending petrol with ethanol can not be taken lightly. The authorities must act swiftly and boldly to take to task those who have been implicated in cheating.

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