Tanzania intensifies friendship with China

 This promise was made by Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania Mr Lu Youqing on Tuesday this week, when President Jakaya Kikwete officially launched the International Cooperative Year in Dar es Salaam. "I want to take this opportunity confirm our support towards the drinking water project in Tanzania by the Chinese government and people," said Ambassador Youqing.

The envoy's promise has come about when the Chalinze water supply project is under  construction. It is expected to supply clean water to 150,000 people in the Coast region. "I will ask the contractor to accelerate the construction process of the project, so the people of Chalinze can use clean drinking water as soon as possible," he said.

The Ambassador is optimistic that the new Tanzania Farmers' Cooperative (TFC) building of the TFC Headquarters will accelerate development.  "The livelihood of the Tanzania people is constantly improving. As the best friend of Tanzania, the Chinese people are very happy to see this," said Ambassador Youqing.

Although China and Tanzania are far apart, the Ambassador said, the two countries struggle to walk hand in hand while understanding each other's hearts. The friendship between China and Tanzania was created by father of the nation Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and China's former Chairman Mao Zedong.

According to this Chinese envoy the federation of cooperatives is an excellent forum for providing various services production, during production, and after production. It also plays a very important role of improving the labour production rates and increasing the income of the farmers.

"Chinese government pays special attention to the development of the Federation of Cooperatives. There are four million employees in Chinese Federation of Cooperatives and they have an enormous impact on the social economic development in China," he said. He added that Tanzania and China shall continue to establish friendly partnership and exchange the experience of providing services to farmers and agriculture industry.

According to China's state-owned large-scaled Construction Group, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) General Manager in East Africa Mr Wang Xiangdong, his firm will undertake the construction projects in Tanzania with due diligence and redoubled efforts, to deliver with state-of-art workmanship and quality. 

"We will devote ourselves responsibly to this great works, as we have been doing in this market, with the concerned stakeholders of Tanzania Federation of Cooperatives (TFC) , Unit Trust of Tanzania (UTT), Cons Africa Ltd, FB Consult Ltd and EM Consultant Ltd," he said.

In the late 1960s to mid 1970s,  before CCECC was born, its predecessor  the Foreign Aid Department of Ministry of Railways, People's Republic of China, undertook the world-renowned project of designing and building  the 1860 km long Tanzania-Zambia Railway, which bridged the friendship among China, Tanzania and Zambia. 

Up to now, CCECC Railway Experts Team has been implementing the 14th Protocol on the provision of technical services and cooperation to TAZARA since the railway was handed over in 1976.

In addition to building and serving TAZARA, over the past three decades, CCECC has executed large number of infrastructure projects in Tanzania, ranging from railway relaying on the Central Line, railway welding on Tazara, water supply, irrigation and drainage, buildings to road construction. 

Among them, the iconic projects include the 140km track renewal and  rehabilitation, Kahama and  Shinyanga Water Supply from Lake Victoria,  the building of academic blocks at the University of Dodoma and the office block at Oyster bay for President's Office and the rehabilitation and extension of the Cooperative (Ushirika) Building in Dar es Salaam.

IN recent years, Tanzania has witnessed improvement ...


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