Tanzania can learn a lot from Malaysia

Tanzania can learn a lot from Malaysia

It is now in the top tier of global growth league tables along with other equally serious and development-minded Far-East nations of China and Taiwan. It is South East AsiaÕs third largest economy and 29th in the world.

How did they get there is both an interesting question and a success story worth emulating by other nations, especially those in the Third World category still wallowing in the ÔPoorest Nations Status,Õ Tanzania included.

It, therefore, makes good reading that an expert from the south-east Asian country was one of the facilitators at the special two-day retreat for cabinet ministers, permanent secretaries and other senior government and public institution officials in Dodoma.

The expert, Mr Dato Sri Idis Jala, who is Minister and CEO of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMADU) in the Malaysian Prime MinisterÕs Office, was invited to conduct the seminar by President Jakaya Kikwete during one of his official visits abroad.

As the president himself said while opening the workshop/retreat on transformation of government delivery systems, Tanzania needs to learn from other countries that were not long ago at the level with it. Standards need to be set in which political leaders, senior government officials and chief executive officers of public institutions should be positively judged according to their successful delivery or be held responsible in case of failure to deliver.   

It means that the government should formulate sound delivery frameworks that would guide and effect timely and tangible delivery of set development targets. Despite the commendable progress made in ensuring macro-economic stability, upping expenditure on social services, increasing foreign currency reserves, increasing FDI flow and keeping inflation in check, a lot more remains to be achieved.

Hopefully, the retreatÕs participants must have come out of it an enlightened lot and imbued with sparkling desire to put theory into practice. With massive gas discoveries, uranium production potential, other mineralsÕ abundance, stepped up agricultural production and efforts to hit oil still going on, there is no dislodging Tanzania from the top development gear. LetÕs just get our act right.

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