Tanzania braced for tourism supremacy

Ms Lisa Simon, President of the North America's National Tour Association (NTA), said in Arusha on Wednesday that the country offered Americans factors of travel they most sought for  -  a variety of attractions and security guarantee.  “Americans are very sensitive to safety and security issues.

So Tanzania being peaceful, can by far win the American tourist market,” Ms Simon told members of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators in Arusha during a one-day seminar.  The NTA boss further hinted that in order to attract more American travellers, Tanzania needs to stick to its brands like wildlife safaris, cultural tourism, luxury beaches and mountain hiking to mention but a few.  

“Educate Americans on your diversity of products, guarantee them that they will be safe, develop products at all price ranges and for all ages that is for mass market appeal,” Ms Simon explained.  Basically, she said, American tourists were dying for experiential travel and authentic experiences.  But she said Tanzania should also seek to develop better access to air like to have a direct flight from America to Tanzania and vice versa, modernize roadways, in order to attract more Americans travellers. 

“These improvements will help address costs of travel to and within Tanzania,” Ms Simon explained.  TATO chief Executive Secretary, Mustafa Akuunay said they had learnt American travellers had higher expectations and they would like to get precisely what tour operator promised.  “Americans are expecting high quality services and they have their own standards in mind like hotels, roadways and security. Interaction with the NTA president gave us exactly what the market needs,” TATO chief noted. 

The Arusha Regional commissioner, Mr Magessa Mulongo commended TATO for their tireless efforts to market Tanzania as top most tourist destination across the globe.  Tanzania received 714, 367  tourists in total in 2010. Out of them 63,179 came from North America, which is equivalent to about ten per cent of the total foreign tourists visiting Tanzania annually. 

The seminar covered several topics like more exploration of the untapped marketing potential of faith based travellers, adventure travellers, luxury market, students and youth, overview of the US Travel and its distribution system. 

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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