Take stern measures against conmen

Take stern measures against conmen

The Ethics Secretariat Commissioner, retired Judge Salome Kaganda, made the revelations and went on to note that the Ethics Commission had informed the police and the suspects were being interrogated.  Revelations that some suspects have been taken in for questioning is encouraging news.

But we need to learn more. It would be enlightening to know, if at all, there is any public leader who fell victim for the scheme and what action has been taken against them.  It is our understanding that for one to fall victims for such plots would speak volumes about the suspect’s character.

A victim of the conmen has him/herself to be on the most wanted list for sure. Why would anyone accept to pay off an officer if they do not have anything to hide? Of serious concern, however, is the ease with which these conmen can impersonate government officials from a sensitive department.   

Impersonation is a crime and carries a custodial sentence. It also has a way of diluting the powers of an, otherwise, authoritative organ.  Impersonating a government official has its dangers to the society as well and not just the victims of the pranks.

The more these pranksters find success in their criminal endeavours, the more likely the practice will become widespread.  The danger is that the public will lose confidence in officials from our state organs, not knowing who is faking and who is real.

That alone might be enough reason for crime to increase in the society because it may pave the way for a state of lawlessness.    We believe that there is a way of setting conmen and real government officials apart. The public and not just public leaders, should be made to learn how to identify genuine officials when and where it is necessary.

We believe that these conmen, once proved to be involved in a syndicate of sorts, should be exposed and receive stern punishment to deter others.   Sensitive state organs and its officials ought to be looked upon with respect and anyone wishing to impersonate a government official must be made to fear even the mere thought of it.

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