Take it from me life does begin at forty

Take it from me life does begin at forty

Now take for example the future First Lady of France who is not yet married to Monsieur Hollande. The chestnut haired beauty is 47, but she has landed into things as one would say. Call it strategy, mere luck or even destiny the point is that the good fortune fell at her feet even though she had passed the forty mark.

And for those of you out there who think that once we sisters cross the thirties bracket; we are as good as off layers, well eat your words. An even better example is the former First Lady of South Africa Graca Machel, who is the only woman so far to hold the title of being a First Lady of two different countries was over forty when she achieved the feat. From Samora
Machel of Mozambique Nelson Mandela of South Africa she has had her cake and eaten it.

The four zero number helps you appreciate that you have hope in reaching the average life expectancy age of 57 years with help from above. It is like being at the crossroads of life you either get better at this point or get worse. Should you start thinking about retirement at this age? Yes you must there is nothing more terrible than being caught off guard all in the name that the retirement headache can be swept under the carpet.

So do you really know what you will do after your last day of being officially employed and pensionable? What no ideas? Do not despair; start working out a plan now and not when you are in your fifties. Is there any place you would like to visit before you kick the bucket? Well do it now while you still have the energy and the time. Being forty and above makes you realise you have been lucky with life and you still have a chance of doing better, now that hopefully you have gained some grains of wisdom.

For forty plus mamas like me, we are wondering whether or not to make that important appointment with the gynecologist ad see if we can provoke the doctor into predicting when menopause will set in plus the fact we are over due in all the important woman health checks we are supposed to do.

For some of us at this age we are in a hurry to catch on so called lost time. I would say do not consider it as time gone down the drain of life but a great opportunity to do things in a new light. Cheers to all of you out there who are forty and above you have the gift of life so start living it to the fullest.


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