Striking is not a solution

Striking is not a solution

 It is a mother of all professions as all professionals in various disciplines have in their earlier stages of learning passed under teachers’ care.

Ever appreciative of their role, the government, in all its phases since independence, has done all what it can to improve the living standards of  teachers in all their respective grades, including reviewing their salaries and perks and providing them with decent accommodation.

Teachers play a vital role in fighting ignorance, one of the three major enemies that were declared at independence five decades ago, others being disease and poverty. All Tanzanians are proud of their role.

Lest Tanzanians forget, the profession even produced the founding father of this nation, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere. For the past two days, there has been a resemblance of a strike or go-slow among the teaching community all over the country over various demands mainly centering on salary increase and perks review with better working conditions and working tools being added items on the agenda.

The strike or go-slow, illegal as they are, have of course impacted negatively on smooth learning what with the accompanying class boycott by teachers. Reports from across the country have not made good reading as thousands of pupils, some of them too tender even to know what is really going onhave been forced to stay idle and miss their lessons as a result of the strike.

In a statement issued on Monday, Education and Vocational Training Minister Shukuru Kawambwa echoed the government’s displeasure at the strike, cautioning that all teachers who have incited the strike and issued threats against other reluctant teachers will be taken to task.

It is good to note that Dr Kawambwa reiterated how the government values the role of teachers plus pointing out its desire to ensure better teacher welfare. Teachers should, therefore, exercise restraint; bearing in mind that the government is aware of their problems and will do all that it can to improve their welfare.

Frankly speaking, strikes will not solve their grievances. Only positive action on the part of the government will.

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