Stop these deadly border skirmishes, please

Stop these deadly border skirmishes, please

In one such incident, marauders from the Kipsigis tribe in Kenya entered Tanzania in an act of revenge following cross-border fighting involving members of the Kurya tribe on both sides of the border. Only last weekend, the Kenyan tribesmen crossed the border and killed a secondary school student in Mara Region, according to reports that the police have confirmed.

All sides in the conflict have vowed to take revenge against the other. The situation as described above calls for intensification of security in the region, especially in Tarime District, before the situation gets out of hand - and more killings, looting and destruction of
property occur. It is a situation that the regional defence and security committee must give the attention it deserves to save lives and property. Such situations only result in stoppage of all important activities, including farming and herding, which is not good for the economy.

It is high time authorities at all levels from the two countries met and worked out a lasting solution to the border skirmishes that are reported to have gone on for decades. The unfortunate happenings at the border are a negation of the spirit of East African cooperation and good neighbourliness that authorities from the two countries at all levels must strive to put a stop to before they become contagious.

The defence and security forces from the two countries should increase border patrols and surveillance, especially in the trouble spots as one of the measures. It would help a great deal if the defence and security forces would cooperate in the effort to check cross-border crime, including cattle rustling. But then all the perpetrators of cross-border crime, including killing and looting, must be pursued, arrested and charged with the offences. They can’t be left to go scot-free.

On the higher scale, it is hoped that the East African Authority, comprising of heads of state from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, will address such cross-border skirmishes in their meetings and come out with recommendations and instructions on how to cope with this problem. And the sooner this is done, the better.

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