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Stick to what you have planned!

And this is what encouraged me to pen down our today’s topic thereby reminding you that -- “stick to what you have planned”. I suppose you might have framed the best of rules, but if you fail to observe the framed rules, then the end result will not be sweet.

There are many countries in the world where corruption level, crime rate, drugs peddling is very high despite that they having the best of laws. But neither the state nor the citizens are bothered to appreciate the existence of these laws and their observance. In this case both the parties are to be blamed equally.

On the similar lines, please do not keep the framed guidelines on personal finance in your cupboard and later on forget their existence altogether, but implement them on day-in and day-out basis. It should not be treated like your New Year resolutions which are often made but seldom kept.

According to one survey, 88% of adults make resolutions but only 20% keep them. We set unrealistic goals for ourselves and we don’t put together a plan to help us accomplish those goals. To achieve your goals you need to prioritize. Whatis important? Write it down – which you have already done by framing your own rules. Now take your list and put together action plan and the time-lines. When do you want to accomplish each set milestones and how?

What resources would you need to implement? Think about using shorter goals to achieve bigger goals. You want to lose 25 pounds, start with a goal of five pounds, then another five and so on. Think about enlisting the help of a friend, your family, or an expert advisor who can make your job easy.

You need someone to be accountable to, and someone who will share in your small victories. You will do better if you tell people your set goals and why they are important to you. You want to lose weight to lower your blood pressure; you want to stop drinking to keep your job; you want to save money to achieve financial independence etc.

The key to success with a goal is to be realistic. You will not be able to save 25 million within the next 25 days, but would easily save Tzs. 50,000/- during the same period. Therefore, set realistic goals and don’t forget to prioritise them. Sometime you get a feeling that despite sticking to the framed plan, desired results are not pouring.

Nothing to worry in such circumstances, because it is only a temporary phase and I am sure if you religiously stick to your plan, the end result will invariably be in your favour. The best strategy is to have some patience, which is a great virtue howsoever hard a circumstance be.

Things will change for better if you stick to the plan religiously. There will be many testing times, when the framed guidelines will appear just a piece of paper but remember what is written on that paper will decide whether you can achieve financial independence or not.

Both the results are possible, if you stick to the plan, you get what you wanted, else there is a definite chance of failure. Possibly you must go through the framed rules at regular interval and revise them wherever necessary. Remember, we are living in a dynamic world where circumstances change dramatically. What was valid till yesterday may not hold good today.

Thus continuous revision of your set plans is imperative to elicit desired results. The above stated text clearly demonstrates that
merely framing of certain rules/ guidelines alone will not help but their execution is important and there is no better way than taking the required actions as planned.

So if you have planned to save 10% of your monthly income then you must know that part of your income will remain unspent at the end of each plan. This requires some planning on your part to ensure that come what may the required savings will be there. And finally let me pen down the last word on today’s topic – which is “commitment”.

If someone is not committed to what has been written last week then it is of no use. I may appreciate your action of writing the action plan to achieve your set goals but the only way I would get a chance to congratulate you on achieving what at the first place was required, only and only if you had stuck to your plan. So I leave the choice squarely on you!!!!

YESTERDAY, Wednesday 28th October, 2020; was general ...

Author: Jagjit Singh

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