StanChart moves to encourage students

StanChart moves to encourage students

The bank has started to visit schools, whereby staff members get to talk to students, share their inspiring real life stories on how they climbed the ladder of success as a way to implement the bank's  project dubbed 'Live Your Dreams.'

During the bank's visit to Bethsaida Orphans Girls Secondary School in Mpigi Magoe in Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam at the weekend, Standard Chartered Bank Tanzania's Head of Corporate Affairs Juanita Mramba said the bank believes that the country's continued economic growth will greatly depend on success or failure by young scholars.

"Apart from being a commercial entity, Standard Chartered Bank is also in the forefront to see to it that it brings a positive change to communities that surrounds it. Currently, we are majoring in three main areas which are education, health and environmental sustainability," she said.

Ms Mramba said the bank launched "Live Your Dreams" project last year, whereby Bethsaida Orphans Girls Secondary School was picked for the pilot project."We visited the school last year as we were launching this project, whereby our staff members volunteered their time to talk to these students, listen to them and encourage them to believe in themselves and see a sense of being determined to work hard in order to excel in life," she said.

Ms Mramba said the aim is to groom a cream of leaders, economists and future manpower with the right development mindset, a thing that will help to change economic image of this nation.She mentioned that during their visit, the bank handed over 200kg of maize flour, 200kg of rice, 150kg of wheat flour, 200kg sugar and cartons of soap.

The guest of honour for the day, the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) Executive Director, Dr Helen Kijo-Bisimba had the message of hope and self-trust."Where there is life, there is hope. No matter how difficult you think your life is, never give up. You should not be afraid to try, but you should try and fail. You will know where you went wrong and work on that particular weakness then move on towards success of your dreams," said Dr Kijo-Bisimba.

She wanted students to inculcate a habit of liking to read as it will help to widen their scope of reasoning and understanding of many issues in life, a move that will transform them to be better leaders of this nation.Dr Bisimba who became the first Tanzanian woman to earn an international recognition and receive the "Tanzania Woman of Courage Award" by the American Embassy in Tanzania in 2008, shared her inspiring story how she struggled towards her current position.

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