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Special course on business journalism hatched

Special course on business journalism hatched

“Investigative business journalism is not really a strong quality of our media houses and there is a big room for improvement,” said Ali Mjella, Deputy Manager, Business Environment Strengthening for Tanzania- Advocacy Component (BEST-AC), in a press release issued in Dar es Salaam over the weekend.

He said to improve business investigative reporting, St Augustine University (SAUT), will offer a fully funded course in investigative business journalism in collaboration with the Agricultural Non-State Actors Forum (ANSAF) and BEST-AC.

“There appears to be a gap in understanding the business world and in how to report topics or issues from the business environment to the general public.

Now that Tanzania pushes hard to build a stronger economy, with considerable emphasis on its great agricultural potential and rural development, it is essential that this is well covered by media practitioners,” said Mr Mjella.

The three organizations have created a unique opportunity to young media professionals by offering a course in investigative business journalism. “This course specifically target young media professionals with at least five years experience in print and broadcast, preferably with experience in reporting on rural Tanzania,” Mr Mjella said.

Dr Nkwabi Ng'wanakilala, a senior lecturer at SAUT said that the course is a combination of theory and field work: “The aim of the course is to prepare journalists for a more analytical, in-depth reporting and successful publication of compelling stories on the business environment.  

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