‘Some Arabs do not support Palestinian liberation course’

‘Some Arabs do not support Palestinian liberation course’

This remark was made by the former Chairman of Organization of African Union (Now AU) Dr Salim Ahmed Salim during the workshop prepared by the Palestine Embassy for journalists in Dar es Salaam on Saturday. “A huge problem facing Palestinians is lack of unity among themselves, Africa supports Palestine but some Arab countries do not, this is a big problem, in order to achieve what they want Palestinians and Arabs should join hands,” said Dr Salim.

Dr Salim also said that, Israel is always blamed for what she inflicts on the Palestinians, but no action was ever taken against them. The University of Dar es Salaam (UD) Professor Issa Shivji told the participants that Palestinians problem is a European problem. “Israel was created by the imperialism, there is no country called Israel, it emerged when Britain declined and United State
rose, we have to stop speaking propaganda, Israel has no border and it is a state which is based on religion,” said Professor Shivji.

The ambassador of the Palestine in Dar es Salaam Dr Nasri Abujaish said the conflict between Israel and Palestine is huge that anyone can imagine, it is been underway for hundreds of years. “We Palestinians we are facing oppression from Israel, oppression is different from colonialism, we used every tactic to sort things out but we failed.

According to him, people were dying every day, children were studying inside the tents and more than 700 hundred of Palestinians have been detained while 600 hundred were sentenced to life in prison without fair trial by Israel. Palestine embassy prepared the workshop in order to give the picture to the journalists on what happens in Palestine now so as well as to provoke many people to support Palestine who are seeking freedom of their land and departure from oppression imposed by Israel regime.

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