Sanity must reign, these violent politics must end

Sanity must reign, these violent politics must end

Police authorities in Morogoro Region reportedly allowed Chadema to hold a rally at Uwanja wa Ndege grounds.  Chadema officials said on Monday that they were initially cleared to hold the demonstration from Msamvu to Uwanja wa Ndege grounds after receiving the national leaders of their party.

The decision was, however, changed on Sunday evening and police prohibited the party supporters to stage the demonstration for alleged security reasons. This is unfortunate because such a death could have been avoided. Much as all political parties have the right to conduct their activities including propagating their policies, their operations must be done orderly and peacefully.

Chadema should have cancelled the planned demonstration and look for alternative ways to push for their agenda.  The police on their part, are supposed to restrain themselves and use the minimum force possible in addressing such a scenario. They could, in our opinion, use at least teargas as opposed to opening fire at demonstrators, most of whom are innocent civilians.

It is understood that the matter is going to be comprehensively investigated by relevant authorities before the public is fully informed on the issue. We would also like to stress here that the main objective of any political party is to take over power from the ruling party and form the government of the day, but this must be done in a civilised manner.

Tanzanians have so far witnessed scores of running battles between police and followers of opposing political parties, especially Chadema.  It is unfortunate that such incidents are now becoming the order of the day rather than exceptions in the country and the price has often been loss of lives and injuries. This must be brought to an end now rather than later.  Supporters of political parties and their leaders are not above the law. They must strive to obey the laws of the land and lawful orders.

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