Rukwa is home to 20,000 aliens


Rukwa Regional Commissioner, Ms Stella Manyanya said that when briefing the Vice-President, Dr Mohamed Ghalib Bilal, on Sunday here in Mpanda town.

The VP is in the region for a seven-day working tour in which he will have an opportunity to inspect various development projects and addressing public rallies.

Dr Bilal was briefed that until the end of last year 255 illegal immigrants had been arrested, 172 out of them have been issued with Prohibited Immigrants notice (PI) and were deported to their countries of origin.

Ms Manyanya also briefed the VP that the region has two refugee camps including Katumba and Mishamo which are the homes of over 20,000 refugees.

"Unfortunately, the refugees are posing security risks in the region as many have been actively engaged in criminal activities including armed robbery. They have also been buying land belonging to locals," she noted. Dr Bilal was yesterday expected to lay a foundation stone at Inyonga Health Centre and later address a public rally at Inyonga village.

According to the VP's itinerary, Dr Bilal would later travel to Kibaoni village where the Prime Minister, Mr Mizengo Pinda, was born where he will visit his bee and honey production project.

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Author: PETI SIYAME in Mpanda

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