Resources’ plunderers shouldn’t go scot-free

Resources’ plunderers shouldn’t go scot-free

The decision to take such drastic measures have come at a time when a lot of dirty dealings among senior government officials have been made public that might only be a tip of the iceberg.

Tanzania as a country has its uniqueness. It is endowed with resources that if tapped to the fullest she could easily break away from the fold of poor and developing countries. Animals in the country’s wild not only make up part of the said resources but also add aesthetic value to an already beautiful country.

While playing an important role in striking a balance in the ecosystem, they also attract more people to visit the country. Why then would anyone feel it necessary to smuggle the same animals would seem unintelligent. 

A person thinking and acting along those lines does not wish the country and her people well. That is why we commend the government for taking swift action to rid us of such undesirable elements.

Yet it does not feel like sacking them is enough. We understand that the damage is done, but that, however, should not mean that we shouldn’t seek the maximum punishment possible for the culprits.
As stated earlier, this might only be a tip of the iceberg. From recent revelations it is easy to deduce that much more is happening elsewhere, the Tanzanian public is just not aware.

Apparently, we have reached a point where people go about swindling the government with impunity. And it seems it has been happening for many years that they have grown used to their ways and are assured that nothing will happen to them.

That needs to stop and it is time we start making culprits pay for their misdeeds. We believe that there should be very strict legislations against corruption and corrupt people. By doing so we would deter those in public service from even harbouring thoughts of defrauding the government. We have witnessed corrupt practices of grand scale and it has not done this country any good.

There is no point therefore of showing leniency to people who do things that do not benefit the country and worse yet, undermine the country’s development.

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