Reshuffle must breed more efficiency in police

Reshuffle must breed more efficiency in police

In his own words when announcing the reshuffle, Mr Mwema made efficiency a key word in the force’s resolve to fight crime and safeguard peace.

Our police force’s ability to fight crime, which manifested itself in the drop in the crime rate as well as fostering good relationship between the police and the people, is commendable. Memories linger on the enormous security challenges Tanzania faced in yesteryears. Crime incidents like theft, both petty and grand, and armed robbery were rampant in different parts of the country.

This prompted the need for authorities to map out better strategies to fight crime. President Kikwete recalled the then Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Mwema from the Interpol’s regional office in Nairobi and appointed him police chief.

Available statistics show that indeed something has been achieved. For instance, crime dropped from 94,390 incidents in 2010 to 76,052 in 2011. This trend is encouraging and we believe the trend has gone down further. We also recognize the latest move to create units for specialized areas namely environmental protection, tourism and mining.

These are important sectors of the economy but for long they have not enjoyed deserved protection, allowing loopholes for a number of misdeeds. Poaching, for example, has ever been on the increase, which necessitates the need to step up the protection of wildlife, which could not be done by the game warders alone. It needs the involvement of the police as well.

Then there have been situations where people invade mining companies, causing mayhem in their wake. Incidents of environmental plunder; including pollution, dynamite fishing, bush fires and dumping of toxic waste in unauthorized places are still rampant. The creation of special police units to cater for the mentioned areas will, hopefully, bring about the required remedy.

However, as Tanzanians praise the changes and efforts by the police, there is still need to point a finger, however, at some skeletons in the closet that have to be swept out. Corruption and violation of human rights are the challenges that the powers-that-be at the police force must address to ensure that all the achievements are sustained.

We need to stick to code of ethics  and conduct for public service

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has expressed concern ...

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