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Remembering Lady Diana

Remembering Lady Diana

It was a Sunday morning and I as a new mother was enjoying a lazy day together with my two month old son and his proud father. At first we could not believe our eyes and if I recall correctly we spent the whole day watching the news unfold. It was sad that this particular real life fairy tale had come to an abrupt end.

Over the following days we were eager to watch how the Britons took on the news. I was touched by the large volumes flowers and tokens left in memory of Lady Diana and impressed by the night vigils on the streets. At the funeral itself the white roses on the coffin added a royal touch.

Elton John’s song ‘Candle in the Wind’ that was sung by himself during the service summed up Lady Dianas’s life. Fifteen years later her first son William is married while red haired Harry was in the British tabloids for not so regal actions. Watching Williams wedding to Kate brought back memories of lady Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles in the early eighties.

Being in my late teenage years then, there was a romantic feeling that yes this time round it was not just another fairytale of a young girl marrying a prince charming but a true story being shown on television live. From that time on for some reason or another we wanted to get to know more of this enchanting princess.

From a shy nursery school teacher we saw her become a mother who wanted her young princes lead normal lives. She became a fashion icon and brought colour to the royal family. Above all she was active in charities. It was a pity that her marriage to Prince Charles was not the classical ‘… and lived happily ever after’ tale but then again marriages these days are tough affairs talk less of a royal one.

We pray that wherever this candle is blowing right now she is still shedding light in the own gentle way.

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