Reggae showdown ready for Dar es Salaam

Reggae showdown ready for Dar es Salaam

On Thursday he told the ‘Star’ that for the last three months they have been planning to do something special for the local reggae music lovers, with a slant towards the veterans. This speciality will take the form of a dance with the music being supplied by two disc jockeys (DJs). One of them will be him and the other Baba T (Emsley Anthony Smith) of East Africa Radio.

Yes this is the same person, who host a reggae session every Sunday on this station from 10 o’clock in the morning until two in the afternoon. “It started as a challenge, as to who can take on Baba T. Now I said I’m ready to take on this challenge but for me, it’s more than performing for the people.

Let’s do it for the reggae crowd and the industry itself. So veterans will be in action 2012 at Mbalamwezi Beach off the Old Bagamoyo Road,” he told the ‘Star’ with a serious expression on his face. According to Gotta Irie some people are calling this scheduled show a clash because they have different styles and represent different generations.

He does not see it as that but more of a challenge, for which people are going to come to see who is the best DJ between the two of them. It‘s not a show of talents neither but a musical challenge for which those who come will be interested in the music. He will be going there, he says as himself to present his selection, which he admits will be a bit different from that of Baba T and those which he used to play on the radio session he had some years pass.

He has no doubt that he can play a better selection than Baba T for whatever crowd that comes out on the night. Further, he claims to have a plan but was not ready to divulge its contents more than to say, “Once I’m there and I look at the crowd I’ll know what to play from my selection.” “What I said to Baba T and am also saying to everyone, is that we’re going to put the records straight on that night. I know a lot of people, who are exposed to music and are well inclined to reggae music.

They know roots, lovers and all the other types within the family of reggae. They know the compositions and arrangements plus can listen and know what is danceable and what is for listening. We don’t want to leave them out so we’re doing something for them,” he maintains. Many people have asked them to bring some live acts on the show but he maintains that you cannot slot in a live act between DJs.

However, the other way round is possible, as they intend doing in the following show after this first showdown on the third of next month. They have put a 10,000/- entrance charge for singles and a 15,000/- for couples, but have deliberately favoured ladies at 5,000/- only. This called for a visit to Baba T at the Mikocheni-based radio studios on Friday to hear what he had to say about this showdown.

In his programme last Sunday he made references to this showdown and had promised listeners that he would bring Gotta Irie into the studio on Sunday so that this can be confirmed live on air. “Gotta have been passing remarks that I’m too old to play music and should have retired. I replied that the time for retirement can only come when I’m dead. He also said that he wants to play against me because the people want to see my face. So I said I never run away from a challenge so I’m prepared to go wherever.

I’m ready to stand against him,” Baba T said. He further explained that he will be playing reggae because this is the type he deals with. However, he will walk with a few other types of musical sounds because he wants those who come to enjoy the occasion. He hopes that there will be people from sections of the society, who do not usually come out to previous reggae concerts here but are fond lovers of it.

Those are the type of people who they want to attract in this show. Baba T, who was born in Summer Town of St James Parish in Jamaica, West Indies, also explained that the idea is not to have a one night thing but to follow this up with other shows and even bring on live groups in the near future. He still cherishes his plans of using the proceeds he gets from bringing groups to perform here to send needed but financially poor children of secondary level to school.

This he says will be his way of giving something back to the country, which has become his adopted home. He maintains that nothing can stop this show from coming on because he is ready with the music and the strength, therefore, don’t think any other DJ can challenge him when it comes to playing reggae music.

Author: Staff Writer IMAN MANI

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