Property damage at the National Stadium shameful

Property damage at the National Stadium shameful

This was during the Simba-Kiyovu (Rwanda) and Yanga- Azam matches. Shame upon fans from the three local teams who caused it all! In the two incidents, unruly fans destroyed a total of 371 chairs and other valuable  property at the country’s new and ultra-modern stadium that cost a whopping 56.4bn/- to build. Hundreds of millions of shillings were also  spent on chairs and other fittings.

What a shame! It is, therefore, utterly disgusting to see such wanton destruction at such a costly public facility, which shows how uncivilised some soccer fans could be. Only a few years back, Tanzanians were yelling for a modern stadium owing to the fact that most stadiums in the country were not of international standard.

The government promptly responded by sanctioning the  construction of the new stadium. The Chinese contractors who undertook construction work did a wonderful job and the stadium is now one of the best in East and Central Africa – if not in Africa. It is, indeed, a source of national pride. Such expensive national symbols need the highest degree of care and maintenance.

And that is what the stadium’s management has strived to do all along – and they have done a commendable job so far. Such wanton destruction of property at the National Stadium should be discouraged at any cost. All those who will be caught in acts of vandalism or wanton destruction of property at the stadium should be made to feel the full wrath of the law, including  being ordered to pay heavy fines to compensate for the loss he or she caused. The responsible ministry and the stadium’s management

must ensure that there is adequate security all the time during matches and other events to deter potential troublemakers from causing damage to property. Soccer clubs, especially the so-called big teams – Simba and Yanga – must caution their fans against engaging in any unbecoming behaviour during matches involving their teams. Short of that, all those teams whose fans will misbehave should be banned from using the stadium.

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