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President ‘holed-up’ in meeting with striking doctors

The paper quoted the Morogoro Regional Police Commander (RPC). I hope she does not take offence but she was given three different types of identity. She is first addressed as the RPC, ‘Mr’ Adolfina Chialo. Midway in the article she becomes Ms Chialo and towards the end she metamorphoses into Ms Adolpina. Could she claim any damages, especially for being called a Mr? May be.

How was the Deputy Minister robbed? According to the RPC, “on Friday at around 4.45 am suspected thieves broke into ‘the’ room of N. Hotel in Morogoro, where the Deputy Minister was staying and stole his three laptops, three mobile phones, two diamond rings, three bags containing clothes, government documents and 4,000 US dollars and 1.5m/- cash, among others.”

“The Deputy Minister discovered ‘his’ window to have been broken and properties stolen, immediately after he ‘entered inside’ the room from the sitting room where he was resting.” There are a number of questions in the story begging answers, such as travelling with three laptops, two diamond rings and 4,000 US  dollars, but we will leave that to the police just in case they are interested.

How come the Deputy Minister was “resting” at 4.45 am? This is usually time to wake up and start business of the new day. Could it be that he had had a very busy day, went into his suite, had a shower and before sleeping, decided to watch football in the lounge to his suite and fell asleep? Was ‘his’ window broken? This is a direct translation from Swahili (dirisha lake lilivunjwa).

Since the window does not belong to the Deputy Minister, it would have been proper to refer to it as “the window to his room was.....”. Apparently, when the Deputy Minister came to, he moved himself from the lounge to the bedroom, only to find a broken window and his valuable property missing. We however, do not say “he entered ‘inside’ the room,” but rather, “he entered the room;” for, “to enter” means “to go inside.”

The writer goes on to refer to the suspects: “The RPC named the suspects as MJ (25), JA (23) and RA (24), ‘whom’ she said were present at the scene of ‘an event. Others, according to her, ‘include’ AH (25) who was found with one laptop and HR (37) who was ‘arrested’ in possession of one laptop and three mobile phones.”

We will attempt to rewrite the two sentences above but we particularly wonder why the writer used the verb ‘include,’ which would have been proper had the arrested suspects been more than five. Given, however that those arrested are five, the verb ‘include’ is irrelevant. Moreover, it was necessary to relate whatever was found on the suspects, with the Deputy Minister. Here is the rewrite: “The RPC named the suspects as MJ (25), JA (23) and RA (24), ‘who’ she said were present at the scene of ‘the crime.’

Others, according to her, ‘are’ AH (25) who was found with one laptop and HR (37) who was ‘found’ in possession of one laptop and three mobile phones,” ‘all suspected to have been stolen from the Deputy Minister’s hotel room.’ Clearly, there is more than the eye can see on the whole story of the Deputy Minister having his property stolen while he was there in his suite. We are waiting to see if nothing but the truth, the whole truth, on this episode comes to light one of these days.

***** From theft, to food packing, as we read the story of this “Woman who has excelled in spice processing,” to be found in the Daily Blog’s Woman Magazine (March 8-March 14, p. 3). Her name is Z. She started making chilli products as a hobby but: “Its unique ‘test’ and ‘shelf long life’ boosted sales....... to the extent that in 2003, SIDO advised her to diversify her ‘potfolio.’ Certification by TBS and barcoding helped her products ‘to sale’ in big supermarkets like Shoprite...”.

Unfortunately, “last August fire ‘gutted down’ her entire stock of raw material, but she has picked up the pieces and is up and going once more.” Her products have a good “taste” (not “test”) and long shelf life (as opposed to a ‘shelf long life’). She was advised to expand her “portfolio” (not ‘potfolio’). Certification and bar-coding have helped her products “to sell” (not ‘to sale’) and the fire “gutted” (not ‘gutted down’) her entire stock.

***** Finally on the then striking doctors. The President’s planned meeting with Dar es Salaam elders was postponed twice as reported in the Daily Blog (March 12, p. 3: “JK to address Nation”). Why the postponement? “At that time the president (sic) was ‘holedup’ in a meeting with leaders of medical doctors....”. It is possible that by “holed-up,” the writer meant “held-up”. To be ‘holed-up’ means to be hiding somewhere, especially if you are a suspected criminal. Can we say that of the President’s meeting with the doctors? Cheers!


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