Police officers deserve better deal

Police officers deserve better deal

Several Members of Parliament (MPs) were engaged in the spirited debate on the performance of the Police Force as well as the welfare of staff in the institution.

Most of the MPs commended members of the Police Force for executing well their mission of ensuring public security, safety and protection of both life and property of the people in the country.

The Force was also hailed for its role in regulating and controlling the flow of traffic to facilitate smooth movement of persons and goods in the country, despite a myriad of challenges and limitations.

The Minister for Home Affairs, Dr William Nchimbi, had earlier revealed plans by the government to hire 3,000 police officers in the 2012/2013 financial year, mostly graduates from institutions of higher learning.

The move, according to the minister, is aimed at having a well educated and technologically savvy personnel capable of coping with challenges of crime in the 21st century. Criminals in this digital world are more sophisticated and some possess skills capable of fooling well equipped banks in cities located tens of thousands of kilometres away.

We hope the government will provide the best possible training in information and computer technology (ICT) to many police officers so as to build their capacity in investigating and prosecution of cybercrimes.

Police officers also deserve incentives such as allowances, decent offices and residential houses, as opposed to the current situation where many of them live in dirty and squalid conditions.

Some legislators did not mince words on corrupt elements and unprofessional officers within the ranks of the Police Force and asked relevant authorities to purge them as soon as possible. MPs attacked some traffic police officers who solicit and take bribes from motorists, as well as detectives who leak sensitive information to criminals.

There are also cases where police officers open fire on unarmed civilians at peaceful demonstrations and rallies. This kind of unprofessional practice must not be tolerated, especially in the era of multi-party politics.

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