PM spells out spending ‘etiquette’


Presenting his Office’s 2012/13 budget estimates, the Prime Minister, Mr Mizengo Pinda, said that the government would now set size limits of engines of vehicles to be procured by central and local governments and their institutions.

The premier stated that vehicles for top leaders and top executives would not have more than 3,000cc engine size.He stated further that vehicles for other public servants entitled to use government vehicles would have not more than 2,000 cc engine size.

“Moreover, to reduce expenditures of government vehicles, the government will establish zonal vehicle centres for vehicles to be used in regions for official duties.“Guidelines on the matter will be issued and we expect this arrangement will drastically reduce government expenditures and increase frugality”, stressed Mr Pinda.

The prime minister directed all District Executive Directors to post in notice boards of council headquarters and other public centres money received and spent every month.

“This will enable the people to see for themselves how the money allocated for service delivery in their respective areas has been spent”, he explained.Mr Pinda also directed all local government authorities, ministries, agencies, public entities and government departments to work on the 2009/10 report by the CAG and submit their reports to his office before November this year.

He told the House that the government would not condone embezzlement of public funds, warning that all culprits would be relieved of their duties and prosecuted.“I would like to emphasize that the government will no longer tolerate such (tainted) public servants and instead will take disciplinary and legal action against them while still at their respective duty stations”, said Mr Pinda.

The premier assured MPs that no stone would be left unturned toensure that all mining companies paid new royalties and tax rates as required.“The companies which have not honoured these legal requirements have been required to pay the differences/arrears since 2010 when the new law was passed”, he noted.

Mr Pinda also revealed that all councillors would start receiving new rate of allowances effective this financial year.According to the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, Ms Hawa Ghasia, the government had agreed with NMB to start issuing personal loans for the councillors to enable them buy vehicles.

Mr Pinda hinted that the government was finalizing procedures to establish 25 new district councils, including 19 in newly established districts while another six would be curved from existing district councils.He asked the House to approve 3,929,983,925,000/- budget for his office and other institutions and authorities in his jurisdiction.

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