Pavilion gives details on census

The NBS Senior System Analyst, Mr William Mabusi, said they are using the 36th DITF as an avenue to educate those visiting their stall the importance of being counted next month.

"We have several other avenues that we are using to educate the public including the media, but we felt this is also another opportunity to raise public awareness to those visiting DIFT of the importance of being counted," he explained.

Mr Mabusi said that many still harbour feelings that being counted is a bad omen, noting that there is a need for extensive public education.

"What we are doing here is to explain to them the importance of being counted. The government needs to know the population of its people, so that it can plan on what areas need attention in development programmes," he explained.

He said from the beginning of the DIFT the number of those visiting and wanting to find out more about the next month's census has increased.

He urged those visiting the DIFT to spare some time and visit the NBS stall which is under the ministry of finance so that they can get more information on the upcoming population and housing census.

"We will answer all their questions and help them overcome their fears about being counted," he explained.He added that the information that is collected during the census is confidential and will be treated as classified.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporters

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