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Parenting, a clueless lesson!

For starters expecting my first child my mother who I guess knew me than I knew myself said whatever happens I should make sure I do not kick the midwife in the labour ward. I haven’t yet asked my sister if she got the same words of wisdom from mum like me. Well after 18 hours of labour I did not even have enough energy to bend a toe talk less of throwing a kick.

For my second child the midwife was so far away hiding in her office when my daughter made a sole arrival and was practically on the birth bed in one piece I was too happy to see my daughter who decided to make it on her own, after I had screamed for her to come to my rescue.

And why do nurses insist they know when the baby will come out when you the mother who has been in close communiqué with the young one for over nine months and have developed fine maternal instincts? My mother being a health worker was and I think still is a firm believer of breast feeding. She had asked me to at least breast feed for two and a half years.

Realising how stress fee it was I over shot the target for both my children to the amazement of friends and especially relatives; I suspect to their annoyance as well. As far as I was concerned it was so much easier to pull out a boob and pop it into a baby’s mouth than worry about whether or not the feeding bottle is at the right temperature before giving the baby.

Not a fan of pampers for reasons I do recall my unique family planning control was that I needed a rest from washing nappies so as to get my sanity back. And the good thing about nappy washing is that you accelerate the potty training super fast. Fast forward years later, you realise that the young babies have grown and have voices and opinions of their own. They go to school and come back with homework too much homework I would say.

They have dreams and aspirations and at times you wonder if will influence them. Over time I have learnt is to rely on your motherly instinct. Listen to the advice but do not act on all of it. Read, Google; seriously so as children have a knack of asking questions throughout the day on any topic. Another reason why it was important for us girls to pay more attention in class. Enjoy the parenting while it lasts; seems like it does take forever and try to remember what you were like at their age?

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