Papic bitter over unpaid salary


The Jangwani Street side thrashed Polisi 3-1 to somewhat salvage a little pride after losing the league’s trophy to rivals, Simba, but Papic was vividly not amused by the results when speaking to the media shortly after the match. “How can you be happy when you have not been paid your salary for two months?

The last time I was paid my salary was in February (this year)”, said the outspoken coach. With Yanga leadership having failed to ensure the coach is paid his salary on time, the latter openly revealed he would not be able to enjoy working for the club. Papic also hinted that his contract with Yanga is expected to end this month but he refused to comment on whether he was willing to either continue working for the club or sign a contract with another domestic outfit.

Apparently, it was the second time for Papic to complain about the failure by his team’s leadership to pay his salary on time and consequently put him in difficult position as far as performing his duties is concerned. Papic previously lamented to the domestic media early in January, this year,

that his club leadership had delayed paying him the salary for a couple of months, when the team was preparing for the Mapinduzi Cup. Yanga, by then, had also not trained for almost over one and a half weeks because the team’s training ground located at the club’s headquarters at Kaunda was waterlogged following continuous downpour in the city at the time.

The Serbian tactician went as far as revealing that his players had, as well, not been paid salaries and they had approached him complaining of the matter, saying the delay of salaries and other remunerations was making it difficult for them to feed their families.

That forced the team’s leadership to get into action in a bid to prevent the matter from getting out of hand, in which the coach and players were paid salaries and preparations for the Mapinduzi Cup soon started at the Loyola Secondary School’s venue.

The leadership’s response, though, did little to revive the team’s spirit on the pitch as Yanga was knocked out of the Mapinduzi Cup by Azam FC, which went on to clinch the title, the first for the side at the most competitive level of the sport in the country.

Papic had returned to Yanga for a second stint at the end of last year, during the closing stages of the first round of the Mainland Premier League, to replace Ugandan coach, Sam Timbe, who had parted ways with the club after a string of less impressive performances in games.

The Serbian was highly expected to turn the team’s fortunes around and lead it to successful title retention but his presence looked to have had little impact so far as Yanga have categorically lost the trophy to rivals, Simba, following two consecutive defeats at the hands of Mwanza’s Toto African and Kagera Sugar last week.

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