Our health depends on the food we eat

Our health depends on the food we eat

A clear example is what is seen in eateries and bars especially during weekends for those who know how to use their money, not knowing that they are killing themselves prematurely. World class research findings indicate that almost everything that we eat has a side effect, especially if taken over the recommended proportion.

Too much of anything is harmful, so the saying goes. But how much do Tanzanians know about these facts? For sure, even the mostly popularly used food such as maize can be harmful to our bodies. For example, Fumonisin is one of the toxic substances called mycotoxins produced by various fungi under moist conditions and in right temperature.

Humidity along the coastal areas is favourable to such toxins. More threaten, the fight against HIV/AIDS may be harder and trickier for the nation to deal with than previously assumed because of maize, a staple meal base of many people in the country.

“HIV, cancer of the liver and cancer of the throat, according to the researcher, Dr Martin Kimanya, Food Evaluation and Registration manager with Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA), are related to consumption of mycotoxin-prone foods in sub-Saharan Africa.

Tanzania, due to its tropical climatic conditions provides ground for contamination by these poisonous substances caused by fungi. The level of contamination of the crop varies in areas with notable high amount which is found in Tabora, Iringa, Kilimanjaro and Ruvuma regions.

Reliable studies on the magnitude of the above mentioned diseases as a result of maize consumption are not available, and this calls for further studies to be followed by public education on preventive measures. Food Technology researchers with Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre (TFNC), on the other hand, reveal that most Tanzanians are not sensitive with what they eat.

The increased cases of obese children and adults, people with high blood pressure are on the increase. The situation is worse among executives and urban dwellers. Lack of physical exercise, obesity and nonobservance of balanced diet are identified as main causes for the situation. In some traditions in several parts of the country people believe that certain foods are meant for specific people, and they tend to shy away from them.

There are those fruits and green vegetable which are for women and children and there is no way this can be part of the food intake. In several occasions, experts have advised on the need to go for balanced diet, participate in frequent physical exercises and avoid situations that will put them into more health problems.

We must all listen to such expert advice if we are to live healthy lives which are prerequisite for healthy living and make us better able to participate in the social and economic development of the country. It is only possible if we adopt healthy life styles.

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