Order, order at Arumeru East campaigns please

Order, order at Arumeru East campaigns please

It is, most unfortunately, disturbing to note that some unscrupulous supporters and candidates of some political parties are reportedly abusing the process. There are reports that some party leaders have resorted to foul language as well as making offending comments against present and past government leaders, sometimes going to the extent of calling them thieves.

Such unbecoming behaviour must be condemned and stopped immediately; otherwise the whole electoral process would be badly affected and become a national shame. Tanzania is rated highly in Africa and beyond as far as democracy and good governance are concerned. It is a place where elections are conducted peacefully and democratically, save for a few isolated cases of hooliganism.

It is hoped that all political parties taking part in the Arumeru East by-election are going to utilise fully this opportunity to propagate and promote its policies in a dignified manner. Voters expect to be told how different problems in the area are going to be solved. Arumeru East residents, for example, need better roads, reliable power and water supply as well as better health facilities and schools.

The candidates, party leaders and supporters must, therefore, maintain sobriety during the campaign period instead of engaging in threats, name calling, insults and foul language. This by-election, just like any other election under the jurisdiction of the National Electoral Commission (NEC), must be conducted according to the laid down law, rules and regulations.

Parties taking part are regulated by a code of conduct agreed and signed by them. The code spells out practices that are not allowed during elections including corruption and insults. Elections are a democratic process and should be free and fair. Campaigns must be held peacefully at which contesting parties are expected to ‘sell’ their manifestoes.

Any unbecoming behaviour, therefore, will not be tolerated and the law-enforcing organs should be on the alert. All proven troublemakers should be booked and charged. The ball is now rolling in the courts of all political parties that are taking part in these by-elections. The parties’ leaderships are duty bound to conduct their campaigns without having to insult anybody.

Author: EDITOR

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