Order and sobriety in the House -- please

Order and sobriety in the House -- please

There was a cocktail of unfortunate incidents. One MP at one point referred to government ministers and his colleagues in the ruling party as comedians.

As Tanzanians saw it on television or heard it through the live radio broadcast, one MP went to the unfortunate extent of describing the marathon budget session that began last week as a "silly season", saying the same for the government and the ruling CCM.

In retaliation, MPs on the ruling party ticket rose in turns, also talking hard and trading swipes at their colleagues in the Opposition. One expressed concern over remarks being made by some MPs, suggesting mandatory medical examination including a mandatory mental health check for all legislators before they are sworn-in.

The House also witnessed an MP dismissing the alternative budget tabled by the opposition as nothing but a package of unresearched rubbish. It stretches one's imagination to the limit to think that no one was shown the door - out.

Yesterday, Ubungo MP (Chadema) Mr John Mnyika was given marching orders after claiming in the House that President Jakaya Kikwete is weak while all MPs from CCM and the National Assembly were hopeless.

The government budget and development plan is a serious business that is supposed to be deliberated on with utmost sobriety and deep reasoning because it is the time for drawing up the roadmap for the nation's destiny.

Lest the people forget, the 2012/2013 budget comes hardly three years ahead of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) deadline of 2015 and just 13 years before the year 2025 target for National Development Vision.

It is obvious -- therefore, that Tanzania is running out of time. This is time for action. It is not time for talk shops and political comedy. Tanzania needs capital and foreign investments to develop. It is absurd then to hear some MPs condemning investors and the government for allegedly turning them into semi-gods.

There is no harm to look for external sources that include loans, grants and aid provided that whatever comes in is used for intended purposes and the government made accountable for every cent spent. It is hoped that order and sobriety will prevail in the House.

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