One good turn deserves the other Chadema

One good turn deserves the other Chadema

The fact that their request was granted so fast is ample testimony of responsible statesmanship at work. Such a gesture of respect should be reciprocated by the opposition party.

That the president of the republic can agree to see them on a matter already passed in parliament at such a short notice shows administration’s respect for political plurality.

The swift response from the State House came at a time when the president, being the National Chairman of the ruling CCM, is chairing the party’s National Executive Committee meeting in Dodoma.

It should also be noted that the issue at hand, the Constitutional Amendment Bill, has already been passed in parliament, but not before Chadema, with the support of NCCR-Mageuzi, staged a walk-out and later threatened to stage a demonstration against parliament’s endorsement of the bill.

Lest Tanzanians forget, Chadema had denied the president audience when he addressed parliament shortly after the general elections last year. That was immature and bad for any political party’s credibility.

President Kikwete’s willingness to see the Chadema delegation should be taken as a show of political maturity and responsible governance.

Chadema and others in the opposition camp should also show maturity and respect for others.

Political differences do not mean political deficiencies. Sensible people, regardless of political inclinations, always find a way of ironing their differences in an amicable fashion.

The constitutional review process is for all Tanzanians and not just for a few people with certain political leanings.

We also believe that not everyone will always be pleased with whatever outcome the process may bring.

That does not mean that the nation would come to a standstill. At times, it is important, just as demonstrated by the president, to respect the wishes of others.

Chadema should take this opportunity to recognise Mr Kikwete as the duly elected president of the united republic.

All political parties should also work with the government to further the interests of the country.

We see boxing glorious era coming back

COMBINED efforts are needed to ...

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